Yahoo Shopping USA & PriceGrabber

Yahoo Shopping LogoYahoo! Shopping USA have announced that Yahoo! Shopping as we currently know it will come to an end and Yahoo! Shopping will become powered by

So what does this mean to merchants/stores?

According to Yahoo!’s search marketing pages, as of March 11 2010, all existing store owners will no longer be able to use the Yahoo! Product Submit system and must signup for a PriceGrabber account. In addition to this from March 11, 2010 the ‘’ FTP system will no longer work.

Existing store owners will need to signup for a PriceGrabber USA Merchant Program. Yahoo! have confirmed that PriceGrabber do not charge a set-up fee. See the quote from Yahoo!’s website below.

Setup Fee Waiver: Any setup fees to list your products on PriceGrabber will be waived, provided you sign up before March 11, 2010. Please note that setup fees apply to merchants that have products in certain categories. Please see the FAQ related to merchant setup fees .

Yahoo! also confirm that stores do not have to be listed on PriceGrabber and can opt to be listed on Yahoo! Shopping only via an option in Pricegrabber’s merchant control panel.

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