Yahoo! Shopping API Alternatives

Yahoo! LogoThe last few days have been a little shaky after Yahoo!’s announcement that they will be removing their Yahoo! Shopping API on March 11, 2010.

This has angered many website owners who’s developed applications rely on the Yahoo! Shopping API, but never fear we have done the research and found the alternatives.

The main thing that made the Yahoo! API attractive to developers is the fact that it was completely free to use and developers would earn commission.

We kept these factors in mind when looking around for the alternatives. One thing that quickly became aparent is that most other price comparison websites do offer API solutions and resources but what features do their APIs offer?

Because we know that not all website owners need price comparison functionality and just require products, we have included non-price comparison API services at the bottom of the list.

So here’s the list we have put together, feel free to comment at the bottom of this post if you feel we’ve left anything out.

Price Comparison APIs

1. API

PriceGrabber’s API seemed to be the most obvious one to look at. There is a problem though. Pricegrabber’s API service is not free and there is quite a lengthly application process. If you’re looking for a direct alternative to the Yahoo! Shopping API, PriceGrabber is not the solution as there are too many differences. PriceGrabber do, however, claim their API services are normal REST XML webservices so integration should not be too dificult:

Signup Url:…e/sub_opt=10

2. API offer a free API and of course offer commissions to affiliates. On the surface this seems the logical choice to switch from Yahoo! Shopping API. They have a very comprehensive developer website that has a massive amount of documentation focussed on the API.

Applying to become a Partner is a very simple process and applications are usually approved within 2-3 days. You MUST have a working website to apply so that the staff over at can get a feel of what you intend to do with their data and products/offers.

Signup Url:
Documentation URL:

3. / API

Bizrate have been extremely easy to deal with and when we enquired about what they have to offer they could not be more helpful. Bizrate have a REST API which allows you to access all of their data. They have no real restrctions on it’s use and in many cases you can speak to them directly.

Signup & Documentation Url:

4. API offer a SOAP and REST api for their shopping price comparison services. They offer the API for developers and also have an “off the shelf” php program that website owners can use or modify for their needs. There is a wiki for documentation and PriceSpin also offer email support. Joining their merchant program is free but they carefully vet all applicants for suitability and elegibility. You must have an existing website with traffic or a solid business plan for PriceSpin to allow you to use their API.

Signup Url:

Non-Price Comparison APIs

1. Amazon API

Amazon is without a doubt the biggest shopping website on earth. They have millions of products for sale from hundreds of thousands of sellers. They have quite an intensive API system that has existed for years.

Their API is easy enough to sign up to, they have a massive amount of documentation, and they pay commission on all sales.

Affiliate Signup Url:
Amazon Access Key:…action=access-key

2. eBay API

The eBay API is extremely simple to use and does not require that you sign up as an affiliate. However, you do need to signup as an affiliate in order to get paid.

eBay Affiliate Program Url:
eBay Developer’s Program Url:
eBay API Documentation Url:…/index.html

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